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Suffering with a Virus, the Flu or  the Common Cold - Then read on



Wow its that time of year again, mind  you it always seems that time of year, the time when there's always a flu or virus hanging around. You know that there is no cure for a virus or cold typical of that communicable disease which seems to hit us every year, yes that's right no cure, if you contract it its going to run its course. What depends on you is whether it is going to hang around for a few days or several long weeks.

It should be noted for legal reasons that I will tell you that any discussion here is based up patient and personal experience, years of it - which counts for a great deal when working with patients, but common sense prevails above all, and that is if symptoms persist please go and see your doctor for an opinion and diagnoses.

Once this has been done and the doctor says you have a virus or infection, the best way to treat this is quickly. In my experience if you are prone to infections and virus's, always engage on an immediate recovery process the moment you feel something in the throat or nose, eyes etc. For every 12 hours you leave this a compounding effect takes place where the virus or infection replicates itself to such a degree that you end up the suffering a full blown effects of the invasion.

The first stages of the obvious symptoms are therefore so important.

So who are we aiming this information page at.

Well primarily all adults and teenagers but especially

You see there are many people out there that just cannot afford the implications of being sick and losing income, having to make up lost time from work or just unable to find some one else to help them out.

Throughout this site you will see how we focus so much of our effort on immune recovery. Most of this can take months, but we are also able to fast track this using some of our preferred protocols for a reduced period of time at an intense level.

What is important is understanding the cost of not working and how it impacts on others.

So here is my answer to helping you battle the common or virus cold.


Even as a homoeopath we need to replenish the bodies nutritional requirements sufficiently enough for the immune system to respond to our transdermal patches and therapies.

We therefore use a specialised product OPC, in an Isotonic format, that has a huge impact on fighting effectively these common colds and virus's.

OPC is 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E in its anti oxidant and free radical scavenging effects. When taken at high dosages it super absorption allows it into the bloodstream within minutes where its able to start fight the common infection. As I keep saying take this as soon as possible, but even if you miss the first window of opportunity and are well into the infection your down time will be reduced if you still take OPC.

There are many varieties on the market, most tablet a few capsules and then there is an isotonic capable product which we use.

This product comes with a measure cup. In the bottom of the cup is a recess. Simply fill the recess level with the OPC powder and fill the water up to the 74ml level clearly indicated on the cup.

This is called 1 dose. Take this on an empty stomach 15 minutes before food and before bedtime 2 hours after food.

For an infection take 2-3 doses 3 times daily as soon as symptoms become apparent. If by day 2 the symptoms have dissipated then stop, if they are still present, then, continue for another 24 hours in the same fashion. You may need to do this for 2-4 days, but in a high percentage of people based on our extensive experience this may make a huge difference to reducing the length and severity of the infection.

OPC is available online within Australia and is shipped within a couple of days depending on your location and proximity to large state capitol cities.

Information on OPC, its bioavailability, uses and brief history can be found here

OPC is also very useful at a lower general dose to help build and improve your immune system over a period of several months. This very often has the effect in allowing your immune system to bounce off any infection even before it has had time to initiate any noticeable symptoms.

If you really can't afford to be sick, then the following maintenance program may prove to be very effective.

Adults and teenagers over 13

1 dose 2 times daily for 6-8 weeks, then revert to a minimal dose 1 times daily (preferably in the morning) and maintain at this level. If you are not eating well you may want to consider an Isotonic Multi Vitamin 1 times daily as maintenance for that added protection.

Please note that these are specialised Isotonic Capable supplements which have a TGA claimed absorption rate of 90-95% after 10 minutes. No solid Vitamin tablet can make a claim anywhere near as efficient as these products. Under a once a day maintenance dose these should last around 6 weeks. This time will reduce depending on your high maintenance dose utilisation.


OPC should not be used with anyone currently using sodium warfarin. Also it is recognised that any anti oxidant should be stopped 2 days prior and post any chemotherapy or associated conventional protocols.