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Absent Healing

By Using a lock of hair take from both the right and left side of the nape of the neck, I can dowse over this in much the same way as if I had a patient sitting in front of me. The same protocol is used where I follow a group of questions on lists and charts. By assessing the direction of flow in the pendulum I can ascertain areas of sickness and dowse which products and homeopathic's I need to make up. The information derived is placed including any homeopathic preparations from a master remedy library  into a Radionics machine and outputted. Because the Lock of hair was also placed into a separate section of the Radionics system  a positive a repairative energy is sent through to that persons energy field effecting a positive recovery in much the same way as wearing a homeopathic patch that we make for patients that visit personally. This type of treatment has shown to be most effective if you cannot attend personally and is ideally suited to the very sick and to those situated much distance from my two clinics. This is really something that should be considered if you live interstate or just a long drive from my clinics

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