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Weight Management Program

Working with my partner a nutritionist for 15 years we work closely as healthcare practitioners in the field of weight loss, Douglas often refers to me patients requiring more intricate assessment in the areas of trauma's and emotional stresses that may have a negative impact on weight loss. In addition to this I take care of the day to day running of the weight loss monitoring

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Here is what Douglas says about the program that he works so closely with

Working with weight loss can often be a hard goal to achieve.

For years we have been unhappy with the quality of program around until now. Finally we have found an eating plan for weight loss and management that follows off the back of our Intolerance & Hypersensitivity program.

You see after 15 years and tens of thousands of clients we noticed constantly that those over weight patients who were never able to lose weight lost it.  Why ??, the answer was simple, we finally had produced a foundation of health so solid that they were able to work from it and after they had fixed up their allergies, repaired their gut function, initiated a correct liver detox and embarked on a correct eating plan, they were now able to be slowly eased into a weight management program. The problem was however that up until now we were unhappy with many of the programs on the market as they were either still loaded with sugars, consisted of no fibre or carbs which led to carbohydrate addiction, or that they relied on toxic shakes, meal replacements or weight loss supplements that had high doses of caffeine in them. That is until Dr Shari Lieberman partnered with Mrkt Australia to produce a weight loss system that took care of all these issues.

As practitioners we were fortunate enough to have personal time with Dr Shari Lieberman to discuss the plan to ensure that we were happy using this system in our clinic and we were.!!

            Transitions is not a diet; it is a plan for health and life!

            The 5 fat factors that cause people to become metabolically challenged and make it difficult for them to lose weight

1. Y0- Yo dieting - Losing and gaining significant amounts of weight again and again.

2.Crash dieting - Going on a drastically low-calorie diet.

3.Sedentary lifestyle - Getting too little exercise.

4.Garbage in - Overeating the wrong kinds of foods with too much sugar, fat, and synthetic chemicals, and too few nutrients

5.Chronic stress - Being on constant alert from physical and emotional pressures.

When you go on a diet, your brain misreads the lack of food as a life threatening time of famine and slows the rate at which your body burns fuel for energy

When you crash diet or cut calories drastically to lose weight, you are temporarily slowing down your metabolism

When we eat less food than we need to maintain our weight, our brain thinks that we are starving and that we are going to die. Our brain does not know that we have a refrigerator and cabinets full of food. It thinks that we do not know where our next meal is coming from.

Our brain goes on red alert. It sends a message to our thyroid to slow down metabolism and conserve energy until the food is plentiful again.



Diets arn't the solution- They are part of the problem

Most diets do not teach you how to eat for life.

Diets are meant to be followed for a period of time, and then you go back to your normal way of eating which makes it easy to revert back to old eating habits. This is where you begin to gain back body fat.

People often get bored on diets and begin to cheat "just a little" and then soon they abandon the diet

Diets do not address your metabolism problems - they make metabolism even worse through the starvation response and muscle protein loss rather than fat. They do not correct hormonal imbalance or carbohydrate sensitivity.

Diets are usually deficient in important vitamins and minerals



What the' Research Shows

160 overweight and obese adults followed either Atkins, Zone, Weight Watchers (calorie restriction) or Ornish diet for one year. Several studies have compared popular diets and found that the average weight loss in one year is only around 4-5 kg!

Dropout rates for dieting are very high and range from 35-47%

Most diets are calorie-restricted and induce muscle rather than fat loss

Weight loss is mostly muscle

Weight is gained back as fat


 Slows metabolism lO-15%!

Increases hunger and appetite

Cannot be followed long term

Weight is lost mostly as muscle

Weight is gained back as fat

You get "fatter" as you lose and gain each time

Calorie restriction promotes a decline in energy expenditure (slows metabolism)


Meal Replacements

. More severe than calorie restriction

 95% gain back weight within 1 yr, 97% within 2 years with meal replacements

Unsuccessful quick fix

Weight is lost mostly as muscle

Weight is gained back as body fat

Cannot be followed long term

Leave you feeling tired, deprived, and weak

Even though they are vitamin fortified they are not nutritionally balanced


Low Carbohydrate

Low carbohydrate - unnecessary restriction of fiber-rich

    foods and very high in fat . 20-30 grams of carbs/day is the general restriction . Government recommends 25 grams of fiber/day!  

    That's 25 grams of good carbs!

    Difficult to follow long term

    May result in fatigue

    Weight loss mostly as muscle and water

    This program teaches you how to eat for life

    This is not a diet this is a way of eating that helps utilize

    metabolism and allows you to lose weight naturally

            You will be eating foods that provide the optimum ratio of healthy carbs, proteins and fats

            Addresses the problems of carbohydrate sensitivity and fat storage

            With this Lifestyle System you will not go hungry, feel deprived, or quit from lack of variety (boredom)

            Emphasis on adopting a diet made up of low-glycaemic foods

            Healthy Eating Habits

         The Glycaemic Index (GI)

          Glycaemic Index (GI) measures the impact of carbs on blood sugar levels using a 1-100 scoring scale (1 is equivalent to low GI with 100

          presenting high GI levels)

         High GI foods quickly raise blood sugar levels and insulin production

          High GI foods throw your metabolic switch into fat storage mode

          Low GI foods promote weight loss while preserving lean muscle mass and increasing metabolic rate

          Low GI foods give your body a steady stream of energy

          Enables your body to utilise all the nutrients in consumed foods

          Addresses body composition resulting in fat loss!

          Low GI Works Best- here's why

         Best impact on blood sugar levels

         Decreases hunger, increases satiety

         Less restrictive and variety of healthy food choices

         Can be followed for life

         Fiber rich foods:

            / Vegetables

            / Fruits

            / Lentils

            / Whole unprocessed grains and more

          Preserves lean muscle 

         More permanent weight loss

         Addresses body composition through fat loss

So at last we are happy to work with a proven system that combines the effectiveness of Intolerance & Hypersensitivity elimination in conjunction with a great weight management program designed for the long term. Incorporating into this system is a unique set of DVD's to help show you the way, including many topics to help you understand foods, diets and lifestyle changes, in addition to a daily journal to help track your achievements and record your progress for assessment by us.

Following our program may be the very answer that you are looking for as we changes diets to suit people not people to suit diets.

Contact us at weightfree@Intolerance & for more information.